Video Production

We do offline media production for Event Video Production, Corporate Videos, Product Demos and Short Documentaries.

Why use videos?

People remember just 20% of what they hear, recall 30% of what they see & an astonishing 70% of what they see & hear.

Cisco predicts that by 2017, video content will account for 69 percent of consumer internet traffic. People digest information through video better than any other form of content. If you are not already using video, you will want to consider it, because your competitors already have. It’s reported that 64 percent of marketers anticipate video to dominate their future content strategies.

Videography, Editing, Transcoding and Web Authoring

We specialize in Video Production, Video Editing and Transcoding. For larger projects, we work with our associate partners for on-site shooting, editing, graphics, Music, as well as transcoding in multiple web-ready formats.

Stages of video production
  • Pre-production phase which includes finalizing the concept, script, storyboard, budget, manpower and production facilities.
  • Production phase which includes camerawork, sound, lighting effects, narration and graphics.
  • Post-production phase which includes digital editing, transcoding and promoting the video.
Video Filming & Professional Services
  • Onsite Video Filming and Professional services.
  • Cameras: Right from a SD cam to a Red cam.
  • Production Switchers.
  • Media production set up with complete A/V Cabling.
Video Editing
  • Visuals editing, Titles, Subtitles and Special effects.
  • Audio mixing.
  • Video rendering & Authoring.
Video Transcoding

We can convert your Video files to all most popular video/audio formats with an excellent image/sound quality and smaller file size.